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501® Day: Celebrating 144 years in the making


On May 20th, 1873, Levi’s® invented a simple jean that would forever change the way people dress.

For over a century, the 501® jean has been worn, torn, repaired, mixed, mastered and styled every way possible. Worn by generations – from workers to rock stars to Presidents – the 501® jean defines style and self-expression. The 501® jean has carefully evolved into a family of coveted fits, and with every second, it’s being continuously redefined across the globe.

To celebrate the birthday of the original blue jean, Levi’s® is releasing a new episode of the 501® Documentary Series.  The fifth and latest episode, “The 501® Jean: Stories of an Original, Music”, will debut on May 20th to commemorate the birthday. It explores the relationship between music history, Levi’s® and the 501®, featuring iconic musicians such as Solange and Snoop Dogg.

Learn more about the blue jean that started it all at levis.com.au.