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Bowled Over Australia Day 2015


Lawn bowls isn’t Australian—the sport’s history began somewhere in 13th century England. But who cares? Sunshine, beer, barbecues and live music aren’t Australian inventions either but they feel Australian—and that’s why the St Kilda Bowls Club felt like just about the best place to celebrate our national day at Bowled Over 2015.

Which isn’t to say the whole experience wasn’t as Australian as a koala eating a meat pie out of a cork hat. The Triple J Hottest 100 is one of the most Aussie things around. Particularly this year, with local artists representing 59% of the list—and 100% of the top three: Chet Faker, Peking Duk and Hilltop Hoods. While Chet waited at home by the radio, Triple J’s infamous countdown unfurled as the perfect soundtrack to the Levi’s® Cup bowls tournament, hilariously MC’d by Dave Hughes. The host might have been a bit funny, but the prizes weren’t anything to laugh at. The winner walked away with a $500 Levi’s® voucher, the inaugural Levi’s® trophy, and the opportunity to don one of only 200 limited-edition LVC Bing Crosby denim tuxedo jackets in existence for the remainder of the afternoon.

Was Australian music only represented on a creaky, old-media-like radio? No, it was represented by the oldest media there is—a little thing called real life. Four piece Horace Bones did their snake-skinned blues rock, vibrating out like a passion song from a million magnetic mesas. Supergroup trio Twinsy gave the crowd a little taste of what it would be like to perceive time faster than everyone else and make anthemic mash-’em-ups in a world where the party never stops. Bad//Dreems continued letting us know what tight-jeaned garage sounds like when it pulls on good ol’ Aussie rock’s denim jacket. Rising hip hop star Remi closed it all out. Making a pretty good case for a rapper not needing to be old school or new school just so long as they can get a floor moving. And Channel V were there documenting the whole thing—so everyone can tune in – in the coming weeks to fill in any memories they might have inadvertently erased during the day.

Bowls were bowled, drinks were drunk (in Levi’s® stubby holders, of course) and the legends from southside goodtime palace the Sweetwater Inn cooked up their biggest barbecue ever. Good times were had tearing down the Levi’s® denim installation made of over 100 pairs of jeans—art you can take home and wear. Feet were bared on the flat expanse of the green, heads were knocked in the heat of the Levi’s® main stage, bums were rested on Levi’s® denim beanbags in the Secret Garden, and thirsts were quenched with a cool glass or three of Sailor Jerry’s rum. It’d take a low-flying plane parachuting David Boon wearing a suit made out of the Australian flag while totally shredding the melody to ‘Man Down Under’ and eating a lamington to get much more Australian than that.

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