Levi’s ® Commuter x Good Cycles


Earlier this year Levi’s ® Commuter aligned with Good Cycles – a not for profit social enterprise that creates meaningful and lasting opportunities for people and communities in need.

The team at Good Cycles caters to the needs of Melbourne’s cycling community, providing them with convenient bicycle mechanic services right across Melbourne’s CBD, with the profits from this going back into supporting their business.

Good Cycles are a business that share many of the values that Levi’s ® has been guided by since 1853. Levi’s® has a long history of caring for communities, individuals and for the environment going as far back as the days of Levi Strauss himself giving back to the San Francisco community. We believe that you make your mark in the world by what you do, and more importantly, how you do it.

Our involvement with the team from Good Cycles has involved us dressing their crew with some of the latest Levi’s® Commuter products, giving their bike mechanics the opportunity to test drive the product and provide valuable feedback – getting the product out on the streets – literally!

Through our partnership Good Cycles have purchased a new fleet of bicycles and trailers for their mechanics – allowing them to get more mechanics out on the road and in turn assist more cyclists with their biking needs.

We recently got our mates at Caramel Creative to grab some footage from Good Cycles to see what a day in the life of a bike mechanic looks like.

If you want to read more about the great work that Good Cycles go visit – https://www.goodcycles.org

Stay tuned for some more Levi’s® Commuter related activity when we take to the streets next month – January 31 for Ride The Night – a 70km ride around Melbourne’s surrounds.

We’ll be there with our Levi’s ® Commuter Pop Up Shop so get down there and say hello!

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