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Levi’s® Store Staff Takeover BIGSOUND 2017


Recently we ran a competition for some of our talented Levi’s® store staff to experience BIGSOUND firsthand.

The winners – Nick Richardson from Melbourne, and Zac Tome & Tommy Boutros from NSW  – have done a super job of documenting the journey through word, film and photography. Their piece also features up and coming artist Rachel Borovnjak who works at the Levi’s® store in Birkenhead Point.

Working in retail at Levis Strauss sure has its perks. It’s one thing to continuously be in contact with satisfied customers, but when you are afforded an opportunity to travel and write about experiences had at Bigsound, the gig gets a whole lot more loveable.

If you needed two words to describe Bigsound, it would have to be alive and kicking.

An amazing showcase of homegrown and international talent, Bigsound’s never say die, seemingly independent, Do-It-Yourself (DIY) attitude, is reinforced by the passionate bands that played gigs each night.

Some bands that stood out along the journey are:

  • Body Type – the ever-changing energy that they bring to their sets characterizes them as a band, as you can’t define each of their songs to a single genre. Standout Track – 264.
  • Brightness – Multiple members of this band are multi-talented and play in more than one band, that said they banged out ‘oblivion’ and dare I say, it sounded better live than on record. Standout Track – Oblivion.
  • Donny Benet – A shoe in for the sexiest man on the planet, his bassline grooves are the only thing better than his haircut, an infatuating live performance by middle aged men who command the stage like none other. Standout Track – Konichiwa.
  • Confidence Man – Super bummed out that I missed them play, however I have only heard good things, the crowd eats out of the palm of their hands, on record, their music sounds like pop from the future and their live show elevates it to the point of passion. Standout Track – Boyfriend.
  • Phanosland – Playing at an unofficial Bigsound party, with his unique blend of self-labeled – espresso wave, Phanos found his stride. Seeing Phanosland play made me realise how all of Australia’s music scene is connected, regardless of what state you may hail from. The togetherness and artistry of the scene begs the question; why aren’t there more live music venues across Australia? Standout Track – 9 Years Old.

All of the bands who played at BIGSOUND, fully accept and support each other. The musicianship displayed, is helpful in creating a special kind of unity within the Australian music scene.

Bigsound is an action jammed, pleasurable polyphonic wasteland, which achieves its goal of garnering more ears for more musicians. The half hour sets allow a nice taste of what is to come in the career of the artists who played, more often than not I found myself automatically jotting the artists name down in my phone, only to pull up their band page and listen to more of their music later.

The success of Bigsound, shows that Australia’s music scene is bursting with talent, and when given a stage to present itself, never disappoints. It sure seems as if everything witnessed will be remembered for a long time to come, with certain acts marking the beginning of the next stage of their careers.

Words: Tommy Boutros
Photos: Zac Tome
Video: Nick Richardson (Music by Punish Honey)


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