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Levi’s® & Support Act Present ‘Tune Ups: Mindfulness Tips for Musos and More’


In-the-midst of World Mental Health Month, Levi’s® and Support Act are proud to present Tune Ups: Mindfulness tips for musos and more; a look into how people in the Australian music industry – singer songwriters, stage managers and agency heads practice ways to look after their mental health and wellbeing.

From the crowd, working in the music industry can look like a pure dream. But the more we talk about mental health and wellbeing the more we learn that artists, managers, roadies and the people in their lives often find themselves facing just as much struggle as they find and face success.

The long and irregular hours, late nights, high expectations and stakes, high public scrutiny, social media bullying, low pay and typically an unhealthy culture surrounded by alcohol and drugs – combined-together make for a pretty tumultuous career path.

Studies have shown that musicians are five times more likely to suffer from depression and 10 times more likely to show symptoms of anxiety.

Sadly the increased incidence of suicide amongst creative’s is alarming.

Late last year, Levi’s® decided to try and do something about these troubling statistics.

Levi’s® loves music and so we feel that it is our social responsibility to try and help the music community in any way that we can.

Earlier this year, we helped to launch Australia’s first mental health and well-being helpline with SUPPORT ACT.

This is a critical first step in the prevention of suicide and other mental health issues as well as certainly opening-up the conversation and help available for anyone in the music industry to speak with a health professional about any issues that they may have going on in their life at that time that may be of concern. Some of these issues could include stress management, anxiety, depression, financial or career concerns, relationships, trauma or other.

More recently we have launched a content series to help break down the stigma and raise awareness around mental health.

We teamed up with VICE and NOISEY to release this six-part series with interview from Briggs (artist), Joel Birch – the vocalist from The Amity Affliction, Alex The Astronaut (musician), Stephen Wade (Founder/Director) of Select Music, Cam Batten (Tour/Stage Manager) and Maggie Collins (Programmer of BIGSOUND and manager of DZ Deathrays)

You can watch the full clip here:

To view all of the clips as part of the Tune Ups campaign head here.

The SUPPORT ACT Wellbeing Helpline for artists and music industry workers is accessible 24 hours a day/365 days a year by calling 1800 959 500 within Australia.

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