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Out on the Weekend


They came from near and far, aged from six to sixty, united by a passion for American music and a culture that has set the trend for the way we see the world for more than half a century. Named after the classic Neil Young tune, ‘Out on the Weekend’ pulled a bumper crowd of around 3,000 festival goers… and what a festival we had!

There were burgers, tacos and fried chicken to tantalise the tastebuds, but it was performances by some of America and Canada’s top musicians, particularly country singers and plenty of double-denim that really got things cooking.

Held at Seaworks in Williamstown, event founder Brian “BT” Taranto tells us his own love of Americana music and culture influenced him to start an Americana music festival, and the rest was history. “I work with a bunch of Americana acts and I thought it was time to have a little celebration of that and to mix it with good food and a great location,” Taranto says.

“It made sense to do it in Melbourne because we have one of the biggest support bases of this style of music in the country.”

The all-day-and-night event kicked off with a thrilling performance by Sydney band The Morrisons and Melbourne boys Raised by Eagles. Nashville singer-songwriter and guitarist, Robert Ellis, made an incredible connection with the crowd.

“They got to experience why he was nominated for the Americana Artist and Song of the Year in this past year,” Taranto enlightens us.

Melbourne singer-songwriter Henry Wagons fired up the audience when he pulled some of the other performers up on stage for a rousing finale to a Willie Nelson song. And American singer-songwriter Justin Townes Earle had the crowd singing along with wild applause (including us) when he covered Fleetwood Mac’s song, Dreams. When he wasn’t on stage, Americana royalty Townes Earle was seen over at our Tailor Shop, customising his denim, along with Nashville singer-songwriter Jonny Fritz.

In a bit of a clothing coup, Levi’s has recently sourced rare vintage patches from The States, and some of the best were on offer at our pop up Tailor Shop at the event. Our top tailors got busy stitching dozens of patches on to the gear of both band members and fans alike, making for an awesome interaction for all involved, with the most popular requests being for the backs of vests, trucker jackets and little 501 shorts.

For the record, Townes Earle decorated his jacket with an Indian Head embroidered patch, while dog’s best friend Fritz spent hours in the stand customising the back of his trucker jacket with about 30 embroidered patches of… you guessed it pooch patches!

And the good news is… BT has assured us that next year’s line up is also taking shape, so get your double denim at the ready!

For your own customisation experience, go and visit our Melbourne Central store, which offers a smaller version of our popular pop up Tailor Shop.

Head to www.outontheweekend.com.au to catch a glimpse of the action at Out on the Weekend this year.