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The 501® Jean: Stories of an Original, Music


Levi’s® presents fifth episode of documentary celebrating the 501® and its place in cultural history.

The Levi’s® 501® button fly jean – the original and first ever blue jean – was born on May 20, 1873. And over 140 years later, it is more popular than ever before. Chronicling the Levi’s® 501® jean’s influence on cultural history, the Levi’s® brand created a multi-part documentary film series, The 501® Jean: Stories of an Original. The film series explores the lasting impact the Original 501® jean has had on cultural history. To celebrate the anniversary of the invention of the blue jean, the brand has launched the fifth episode of the 501® documentary series on its birthday, May 20th, 2017. We like to call this 501® Day.

The fifth, and latest, episode explores the powerful relationship between music and the Levi’s® 501®. In its 144-year-old history, the iconic 501® jean has always had an undeniable presence within music on and off the stage. Like music, the 501® jean has long been a vehicle for self-expression and has been adopted by every musical genre. This fifth episode explores the power of music and the impact of the Levi’s® 501® Jean on subcultures throughout musical history to today.

The documentary celebrates the way music and Levi’s® are inextricably intertwined, and features artists such as R&B Grammy Award winner Solange, rapper and actor Snoop Dogg, iconic country singer Dwight Yoakam, rapper Vince Staples, songwriter/singer/painter/visual artist Kilo Kish, famed stylist Karla Welch, singer/songwriter Amber Coffman, and many more.

View the fifth episode, “Music”  below:

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