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The Birthday of the Blue Jean – May 20, 1873


This Friday marks an important anniversary for one of the world’s most loved and versatile pieces of clothing.  On May 20, 1873  Levi Strauss, a German emigrant, and Jacob Davis, a Nevada tailor, were granted a patent which created the Levi Strauss & Company and birthed arguably  the most popular fashion item ever created: the blue jean.

In 1853, Levi Strauss moved from Bavaria to San Francisco during the Gold Rush era. It was there he opened a dry goods business where he sold clothes, boots and other goods to smaller retail stores of the American West. From there he met and teamed up with Jacob Davis, a local tailor from Nevada. Together they created a riveted-for-strength workwear made of true blue denim and just like that the blue jean was born. What we know as the classic 501® jeans by Levi’s® was actually called “XX” originally. Soon after the Two Horse logo was introduced in 1886 onto a leather patch on the “XX” jeans. This demonstrated the incredible strength of Levi’s® clothing and is still seen on their jeans today.

Today, the desire for the vintage look jeans has experienced a tremendous boom over the past few seasons, which has lead Levi’s® to utilise modern fabrics and new innovative technology to bring you new styles such as the ‘wedgie fit’ and the 501® CT. Just goes to show that the 143 year old blue jean is both a cultural and fashion icon as the most popular apparel on Earth.